1. Jingle time. Sitting in a NY studio looking out a fake window at my home town of Sydney

  2. Another snippet from last night at Baby’s Alright. “Graceless”

  3. A little snippet of last night at Baby’s Alright in Brooklyn with the beautiful @mymidnightheart next to me at the helm and @grantzubritsky on Bass with @rodgerjollie on guitar and @danafresh on drums

  4. @earlburrows KILLING it at baby’s alright right this minute

  5. Tonight at Baby’s Alright in Brooklyn!

  6. Tomorrow at Baby’s Alright in Brooklyn!!!!! Awesome lineup and I’m thrilled to be a part of it! @markwatrous @theninapersson

  7. No sleep till Brooklyn! Almost home. Here’s the rain against the car windshield in Bushwick. Thank you to everyone who came, and to the people who followed me, tagged me and wrote to me on FB… Thank you so very much for letting me know you liked the tunes! ❤️ see you Wed eve!

  8. Tonight, I was reminded of the power music has to bring people together. A lovely man named @renovatiox came to the @theninapersson show in Philly all the way from Mexico and recognized me from when I toured with the @thecranberries. If he hadn’t been at the @thecranberries Paris show in 2012, he would have never said hi tonight in Philly. If he hadn’t said hi tonight in Philly, we would have never known one another. And now we do. That rules. The end. Here is his his awesome back tat of the Cranberries members signatures. Rawk

  9. Regram from @theninapersson of my amazing karate chop. Oh and yeah, I GUESS @grantzubritsky @thedawda @thekantor are in the photo too

  10. Made it to Philly! Now I’m soaking up rays before sound check at @worldcafelive (at World Cafe Live)

  11. DC friends! @theninapersson and I are coming at you tonight at @jamminjava

  12. Tour starts tomorrow in DC! Opening for @theninapersson

  13. Practice time again! Tour starts tomorrow with @theninapersson and @whiteprism ! East Coast in your face!

  14. "Damn. It" @grantzubritsky and I are practicing tonight with @danafresh preparing to do double duty opening for @theninapersson @theninapersson and then playing with @thekantor and @thedawda for the East Coast dates! Come see us! Saturday in DC, Sunday Philly… Monday Boston and then home town show The 16th at Baby’s Alright in Brooklyn!

  15. East coast dates coming up!!!!