1. Sometimes, when the mood strikes you don’t have time to like, vibe yourself out with candles, a proper table and an appropriate stand for your Casiotone.

  2. @mybrightestdiamond and her new record sounding better live stripped down as a three piece. Oh, the power of good songwriting. Go home fellow musicians and play your songs without all the bells as whistles, without the trendy 808 and ask yourself: is this meaningful to me? I know I’m going to after seeing this. (at The Bowery Ballroom)

  3. @doepaoro killed it tonight (at The Bowery Ballroom)

  4. A little #chopin for the morning commute

  5. Date day @jeb_wiseley (at The Loeb Boathouse at Central Park)

  6. #Yeats

  7. Tonight! #milkboyphiladelphia opening for @littledaylight with @mainlandband come hang! (at MilkBoy Philadelphia)

  8. @davidlizmi likes the jams here #roadlife

  9. See you tonight at DC9!!!! Washington we coming! @mainlandband @littledaylight @dc9

  10. Snippet from our show with @mainlandband and @littledaylight at @roughtradenyc next up… DC9 this Friday night!

  11. @mainlandband killing it. We up next! (at Rough Trade NYC)

  12. Tonight BROOKLYN! @littledaylight @mainland @roughtrade @roughtradenyc (at Rough Trade NYC)

  13. Super stoked on having @sarahmbelkner visiting NY this past week. @rodgerjollie your board looks better with us perched there. @bunkerstudio @freeenergydevicestudios #family

  14. Band crush for reals @littledaylight

  15. See you tonight @greatscottrock and Boston! Opening for @littledaylight