1. Today’s Jam

  2. Countdown to #katebush concert

  3. From Brooklyn, with ❤️ #nofilter

  4. This. This is over a year of intense, hard work and scrapping songs, starting over, re writing, re recording, mixing, mastering and I can’t believe I am finally staring at the final product. This is the first time I’ve listened to all 10 songs together and I couldn’t be more proud. Josh Ascalon produced a masterpiece for me, Damon Dorsey and Josh both killed it at the mixes and Stephen Marsh did a wonderful job as always on the mastering. I can’t wait for this to be out in the world officially. @monarchartists And @ericmsosa thank you for being with me the whole way.

  5. Finishing touches #whiteprism

  6. Last week, miss Alice was attacked at my local dog park in Williamsburg. She needs extensive surgery to fix her jaw. Please help by popping by at 10 am tomorrow to Cooper park on olive and Maspeth avenue for donuts, coffee and donation. Also, you can go to this website to help out. Every dollar counts towards making Alice better. Her second surgery is on Monday.donate here http://www.gofundme.com/b4a420

  7. Video still from our video for “patience” from the new record coming soon!!!!!! Clothing by @titaniainglis makeup by @hschnellmakeup and shit, directed and produced by @danhuiting

  8. Thank you. No, THANK YOU friends for helping me reach my Pledge goal. I have no words for the love I have felt especially over the past few days. All the texts I just received, the emails, thank you!!!!!!!!! To celebrate, I’m in the studio finishing the last song! To infinity and beyond…..

  9. Guys! We have only until the end of the day today to reach out Pledge Campaign goal. Please help us by pre ordering the new record! If we don’t reach 100% we get nothing! Thanks so much! http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/whiteprism

  10. Feeling so grateful logging into my pledge campaign and seeing all my lovely friends who have donated. That 10 dollars means so much. Thank you guys! A few more days to go! http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/whiteprism

  11. Back in the studio. 2 more songs to go

  12. Super stoked to be able to call this woman my boss and my friend. Today, @stereogum premiered her new music video for one of my favorite songs “Food for the beast” of her first solo record. @theninapersson kills it everytime. http://www.stereogum.com/1688779/nina-persson-food-for-the-beast-video-stereogum-premiere/video/

  13. Home stretch with this record! Have you pre ordered yours yet? Maybe you want to star in the next music video? Details here: www.pledgemusic.com/projects/whiteprism @pledgemusic

  14. Music video selfie! Can’t wait for you to see what @danhuiting did with my song ‘Patience’ wearing @titaniainglis and wishing that piece was mine forever please pre order our record here! Only 9 days to go to reach our goal! http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/whiteprism

  15. Getting ready to play cameo gallery! 8:15! @orlysings (at Cameo Gallery)